Little Caesars partnered with The Batman movie and Warner Brothers to turn everyday fans into pizza heroes whenever they brought home The Batman Calzony, which is a pizza in the shape of the bat signal. Kicking off this global 360 campaign, we were the first brand ever to cast hero wannabees on TikTok for our national TV commercial, asking fans to show us how they could #BeLikeTheBatman. The casting call was announced on DC Fandome event, amping up the excitement among fans.  

Along with fans posting their own TikTok videos, the campaign consisted of wholistic
in-store presence with exclusive poster giveaways and a sweepstakes promotion to win movie related gifts. The posters and packaging were in such hot demand, that fans were selling them on eBay. 
Agency Credit: McKinney Durham
Live DC Fandome announcement and TikTok casting call 
U.S. TV commercials that was translated into multiple languages for use in global markets 
In-store point of purchase, exclusive poster giveaways, packaging 
and sweepstakes website design.
Even Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show was talking about it. 
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