On its 4th return, how do you make Pretzel Crust fans even louder, and more passionate about Pretzel Crust while also grabbing the attention of the rest of the world? Tell Pretzel Crust fans that their beloved pizza is NEVER coming back, and give them a new, ridiculous pizza instead. Introducing: Little Caesars Corn Cob Crust Pizza.​​​​​​​
Case Study Overview
Social and Digital Tease Videos
And once we broke the internet, we announced the return of their beloved Pretzel Crust pizza on social and with TV. In the first 3 weeks of the campaign, the campaign garnered over 1.4 billion impressions on social and with national and local media that picked up the story. And fans created more content about the Pretzel Crust pizza on TikTok in 2 weeks than Dominos Loaded Tots fans did in 4 months. 
Agency Credit: McKinney Durham
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